About us

The Association of Private Educators in Nigeria (APEN) was founded in 2002. It represents the interests of private schools in Nigeria. APEN has a membership of schools which range in size from 20 to 2000 students. All our member schools have an international focus. Through our programmes and services APEN provides for the varying needs of nearly 20,000 students and about 2,500 teachers and administrators. In partnership with our Affiliate members, which are businesses, school-to-school partners, and educational organizations, the Association serves as a support organization for private schools throughout Nigeria

APEN is also an independent charity focused on supporting low income and government schools in Nigeria, in a bid to support the Nigerian government in realizing its developmental goals, which complements our mission to improve the learning environment of schools in our community.

Since 2005, APEN has actively supported improvements in the Nigerian education sector through its school mentorship program which encourages its member schools to adopt smaller schools in their community. We believe that education is a public and private concern, with responsibilities both for the state and the private sector. Our fundamental assumption is that the quality of teaching and learning improves when schools, communities, the private sector and the State partner effectively. APEN raised N2,000,000 to support the “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND INITIATIVE”, a Character Count & Pearson International Initiative to support literacy in government primary schools in Lagos state. Since 2014 till date, APEN has partnered with an organization supporting rural education in Nigeria “INSURED” through a book donation drive, to ensure that books are provided to schools where more than 50% of primary/secondary school pupils learn in environments where there is no single book.

We recognize that improving the quality of education in Nigeria requires a multifaceted approach. APEN is dedicated to its vision of raising the standard and quality of education in Nigeria by providing creative and innovative support to educational institutions, which is achieved through our periodic trainings, workshops, seminars and conferences for all stakeholders in the education industry.

Consequently, APEN is focused on deploying an integrated strategy that delivers a superior learning environment that put both the pupils and the teachers at the centre. This includes but is not limited to instituting a scholarship scheme to sponsor deserving indigene students to Nigerian universities and capacity development and leadership training for teachers and heads of schools.