The Association

ASSOCIATION OF PRIVATE EDUCATORS IN NIGERIA (APEN) is run by a board of trustees from schools around Nigeria who are owners of their respective schools. The board includes experts in education who have the sole motivation to unite schools under the APEN umbrella. Together, they seek to improve the educational system in our nation.


Our vision is of a Nigeria in which qualitative private education is provided to all learners, leading to a value- based community.


  • To articulate the value of private education
  • To build a value- based, public-spirited community of diverse private schools
  • To represent, promote and protect the common interest of its members
  • To provide professional services that will enhance their quality and facilitate their contribution to education in Nigeria.


  • To encourage private sector participation in the establishment and running of high-standard schools in Nigeria
  • To provide a level of quality assurance in member schools
  • To revive professionalism and return education to its former glory
  • To participate in community service
  • To partner with the government in establishing global standards by participating in the formulating of policies.